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L. C. Campbell, Jr.

I love a crisis! If I can’t find one, I’ll create one! I can’t explain it, but put me in a chaotic crisis and I can make some sense out of nonsense. That’s probably my forte. That’s what led me into volunteering as a Law Enforcement Chaplain while pastoring, culminating in a career change to full-time chaplaincy as Director of Chaplaincy Services with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, retiring in 2007. Now I consult with several law enforcement agencies, and pastor a unique church that runs around 50-60 in the summer, and averages over 700 each week in worship and Bible study in the winter season here in South Florida.


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Pastor, Teacher, Chaplain, Coach, Grief Recovery Specialist, Husband, Father, Grandfather,                                                                                                            Photographer, Computer Nut, Gadget Guru, Motorcyclist Enthusiast, Encourager, Mentor.

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