Procrastination & Perfectionism

Do you know someone who procrastinates? If you know me, you know at least one! What about a perfectionist? If you know me, you know one — at least in some areas of my life. Ironically, not in the areas my wife would appreciate the most. I think I have known far more perfectionistic people than procrastinators. Of course I’ve considered doing a study on this subject, but I keep putting it off!

Here’s the rub: if you find both of these characteristics in the same individual, you will find someone who does some things exceptionally well — just not a lot of it. What you are looking at right now is the NEW EDITION of my website. I must tell you I’ve been working on the idea, layout, implementation, utilization, and kickoff for longer than you will want to hear — months, unfortunately.

Is it finished? NO. Is it perfect from my viewpoint? NO. Was I ready to release it and go live? NO. But here’s another rub: I could not make a decision as to when I would be ready to answer YES to any of these questions, much less all of them! So I made an appointment with my IT friend, David Winter. This is the third appointment I had made and either he or I had something come up the other 3 times and we canceled. Actually, this appointment was for yesterday, and we rescheduled it for today.

So we are going live! At least it will give me something to work on continuously — hoping to improve each step of the way and get back to the routine of trying to say something regularly that will be somewhat enlightening, encouraging, and maybe a bit thought-provoking. So here it is! I do hope you will overlook my imperfections — you always have and I trust you will continue to do so, at least put off telling me for a few months!